Deborah B.

“Having worked with Georgina for over thirty years, I am well acquainted with her talents, her creative energy, and her ability to design and produce in an artistic and highly professional capacity. Her work has always exemplified a gifted and talented artist; sensitive and receptive to the needs of those with and for whom she works. Georgina possesses a flair for expressing her unique approach in a conscientious and heartfelt way, while maintaining the integrity that guarantees success. Her highly developed sense of space and color enable her to demonstrate with efficacy, the mood and results desired. Georgina instills in her work a glimpse into the artist mind and soul, while ensuring the absolute delight and satisfaction of the client. She is thorough, yet finishes the job in a timely manner; a rare quality in today’s market. I highly recommend Ms. Lipsey to any business, corporation, or individual seeking an effective and gifted designer.”

Erica H. & Louise B.

“We got a lot done in a short amount of time! An educational experience, a social experience, and a strong project management experience. Georgina gave us a lot of homework and also nailed us on decision making, giving us tools to evaluate products, colors, contractors, furniture … everything we need for the home remodel.”

Henry N.

“Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked on a number of home renovations projects with Georgina Lipsey. The combination of her architectural background, interior design skills and artistic talents is quite unique and usually exceeds client expectations. Georgina is also a gifted problem solver who can work with limited resources to achieve desired results. Her exemplary people and communication skills add immeasurably to any team effort that involves multiple vendors and contractors. I would highly recommend her for any interior design projects.”

Michelle P.

“Everything was great! Georgina was always available to do the job and was very reliable. She finished on time and her rates were very reasonable. I am very pleased with all of her professional work. She was able to decorate with my preferences and the outcome is beautiful.”

Neri L.

“Georgina Lipsey will be a very important asset to anyone contemplating on hiring her. Her willingness to learn and seek out answers as well as her tenacity and unrelenting perseverance in accomplishing her job at hand makes her extremely valuable in any project undertaking. She has a proven track record as an interior and architectural designer; see She has also extensive knowledge in IT technologies, including (Auto-Cad, Visio, Excel, Word, Photoshop and Box). Georgina is always avid to learn new technologies and to seek out answers and solutions for the task at hand. She is a true team player, very amenable and easy-going, helping out others when she has the opportunity and always going above and beyond. I would not hesitate to hire her as she possesses all the qualities described above and is as well a very dedicated, loyal, and honest person.”

Emerick P.

“Georgina has provided instrumental consulting for me on multiple ‘creative endeavors’, i.e. branding and marketing for my business, also, any time I seek new work space. If I need to express an idea, she helps to articulate my creative vision through her engagement. She is pure creative positive energy. She has a great visual sense of design and light. Subconsciously understands how the visual perception of colors and light affect the environment or the eye (and mind) of my customer. Phenomenal really, I would not consider a creative project or major purchase without her input!”

Yvette L.

“Georgina is a design and color expert. She has an eye for beauty and economy of space and her creativity is phenomenal. She has redesigned several houses and spaces for me, always beautiful! She has done lots of contracting as well, so her expertise goes far beyond just design.”

Krisztina P.

“I can highly recommend Georgina’s work. She is a creative, think-outside-the-box designer, and very aware of the need to keep things affordable. She has spot-on ideas for color and furnishings to fit a space, and works with all different spaces extremely well. She is very personable and easy to work with, listening to what you want and what you can afford. I’d work with her again at any time!”

Jonathan A.

“Georgina designed and managed our office expansion from 400 to 950 sq ft. For this she drew plans, contacted vendors, and supported our interactions with the landlord. She traveled to Phoenix to examine and purchase used cubicles for a very significant savings over new furniture. She then chose the carpet, meeting room table, and chairs to match the used cubicles. She coordinated the contractor and vendors to minimize the time that we had to close the office. We have enjoyed the very attractive and productive office space that Georgina designed for us. Thanks!”

Kate & Frank F.

“Working on total redoing of our office and found Georgina to be very creative. She worked with us to come up with a design, sourced cabinets and referred us to a General
Contractor who is very competent. She did all of this within a week. Would recommend her to anyone”

Sharon & Chris C.

“Take my advice, don’t hesitate on hiring Georgina! I believe this sums everything up! My significant other said, “We don’t need to spend money hiring someone to help us arrange our furniture and hang pictures, we can do that ourselves.” After she left, he said, “That was money very well spent!” Georgina was friendly, listened to our ideas, and gave us some great ideas!!! She definitely knows what she is doing, and has that decorator’s eye, that I was not born with. We recently had a house warming party and many of our friends commented that our house looked like a model home. She earned a 5 out of 5 stars from both of us! Thank you so much Georgina, you are wonderful!!

Shelly C.

“Georgina created the color schematic for our new home in Civano, Tucson. Georgina is a great listener and took the time to understand our lifestyle and was able to create a color palette (without having seen the house) to incorporate our existing furniture (from photos in Dallas, TX) into the new space. Georgina’s architectural experience was especially useful in understanding and creating the color breaks and transitions from room to room.”

Scarlett C.

“Georgina’s visionary ‘Spatial Transitions’ are masterpieces of recycled texture that embody the best intentions for a better world.”



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